View Full Version : Why try and use the forums to manage the project?

24-04-2014, 03:32 PM
I suspect this question will be asked at least once, so here's my reasoning.

Everyone who wants to participate is already a member here so they don't need to sign-up elsewhere
Everyone here know how to use the forums already therefore they don't have to learn anything new to be involved
Solutions such as Redmine, YouTrack etc. are great, but hosting Redmine is a bitch (Ruby on Rails), YouTrack gets expensive (i.e. it costs more than nothing) if you get more than a certain number of users and well, there are similar issues with pretty much all the other 'project management' solutions - In principle they are great but in reality they add a nasty overhead that we may want to avoid

We could use a simple free issue tracker like Mantis, but again people have to sign-up elsewhere and learn how to use it.

We all know how to use the site so for now I think we should keep it here.

Repositories will be somewhere, but that's for the devs to discuss at a slightly later date.