View Full Version : Has any1 been successful using Andorra on Ubuntu 14.04 64b, Laz 1.2.2 and FPC 2.6.4

07-07-2014, 08:07 AM
Sorry for the abreviated subject :).

I've posted this on the SF discussion but no answer after 3 weeks, so I'll repeat here. Hope I have more luck.

I've got to a point where NoVCL compiles ok. Does not run due to not being able to Initialize.
On the simplest tutorial, the one that only prints text, I've also been able to compile.
When both run, they error out with:

Project project2 raised exception class 'External: SIGSEGV'.

In file 'dl-lookup.c' at line 731

I've compiled libandorraogllaz.so with no issue.
I've copied from folder bin to my folder and on AdDraw.DLLName I've set it to "./libandorraogllaz.so"

I'm out of my depth. I've followed the breadcrums of the actual loading of the libs and all gets fubbared when it tries to load:

glXGetProcAddress := glProcedure('glXGetProcAddress');

On line 8848 of dglOpenGL.pas

After that, it's inside some dynamic lib, since further down it calls dlsym.

And this is all I can get you guys, sorry, I know it's very slim!!

Thanks, in advance, for any help guys!!


07-07-2014, 01:08 PM
What is your dglOpenGL version? I find something you describe at line 15021:

// GLX_VERSION_1_4 (needs to be first)
glXGetProcAddress := dglGetProcAddress('glXGetProcAddress', nil, True);
So it seems to have gone through big changes. My header is not propably latest either, Version 4.4 date 2013/07/22.

07-07-2014, 08:05 PM
So it seems to have gone through big changes. My header is not propably latest either, Version 4.4 date 2013/07/22.

Humm, Header from dglOpenGL.pas that I've found is from 2006, OUCH!!

Ok, looks like I'll need to recompile the pluggin with a more recent dglOpenGL Header Translation....

Keeping fingers crossed!

Will come back after I correct this mess, which I should've guessed since it's using Dynamic Lib loading, <sigh/>

Thanks Mate!!


07-07-2014, 08:26 PM
Well, it worked, surprise, surprise, LOL!! After I went to www.delphigl.com and downloaded the latest version of dglOpenGL.pas

This also tells me that I'll need to take attention on the several files under .../ad2d_451/lib and check for further Header Tranlations that are worse than stale, rotten even :)

Again, thanks for snapping my mind into focus. It was there, in front of me, just needed someone to kick me in the bum, to attention!