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21-07-2014, 05:41 PM
Hi guys!

Wile I was listening to some music on Youtube today I stumbled upon two awsome music composers (twin brothers) named Brandon Fiechter and Derek Fiechter.

I must say that I was compleetly amazed by their music.

First I stubled on one of Brandons songs and I liked it pretty much. So I went to check the comments to see what are others pepole opinion on it.
I wasn't surprised to see bunch of positive comments. And in these coments I also saw that pepole are mentioning some other songs from him.
So I went and checked his channel:
I quickly browsed through the list of his songs and chose one whose title I liked. I loved the song.
I chose another one and loved it again.
Now I have chosen one compleetly randomly and I loved the song again.
Final I have chosen one song whose title I liked the least. Well I still liked the song.

Reading coments of his songs I fouind out that he also has twin brother who is also music composer. So I went and also checked his youtube channel. The story was the same. Whichever song I played I liked.

So I strongly feel that I must share this with you becouse many of these songs would be quite suitable to be included in computer games. Infact I have seen other pepole already requesting for permision to use their music in non-profit games and they alowed it.

Becouse of that I strongly recomend you go and check their youtube channels and be amazed as I was.
NOTE make sure you have some free time becouse when you will start to listen you probably won't be able to stop ;)

Brandon Fiechters channel:

Derek Fiechters channel:

Enjoy the music :)

25-01-2017, 08:30 PM
yes surely the music was amazing....loved it.