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Ñuño Martínez
24-12-2015, 10:27 AM
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I want to ask you, game developers, about this idea I had.

I'm still working in my first commercial game (http://www.pascalgamedevelopment.com/showthread.php?32483-Green-Onions-The-I-Ching-Saga) and I'm facing the deployment. Actually I was thinking about it since summer.

I know there are several Digital Distribution platforms, the more famous Steam, Google's AppStore, etc. and some less famous as Desura. I was reading and asking, and there are some issues that I don't like.

For example, what if Steam closes? I know, that looks almost impossible, but it may happen. Look at Desura (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desura). Ok, it's not the best example. But it happened, and now the people who had put their software in Desura will do... What?

Or what if you decide to move your game to another platform? For example: Mojang has been sold to Microsoft. It's possible that they decide to move Minecraft from his custom platform to Microsoft's one. Or you have your game in Steam and Valve decides to change the conditions and now they demand 90% of the price. What will you do?

I wasn't just thinking. I've also did some testing and I created a very simple deployment system I called EODDS (Extensible Open Digital Distribution System) to test the concept. It is far to be complete, but I can connect to my server and ask for packages and download URIs. Protocol is inspired by POP3, and repository works much like Linux repositories; server side written in PHP and client in Object Pascal using Synapse.

My idea is to create a deploy platform that can be shared. I mean, with the option of add or modify the URL where the game/shop/client will ask for updates and packages (hence the "Open" in the name). Also, if you have a web hosting, you'll be able to create a deployment source. And the protocol includes a "command" to move the source, so you can tell your "clients" to modify their configuration to the new source (note that this would be a source of "cracking" and viruses/trojans. Protocol needs more work).

So, what do you think about this?

25-01-2017, 08:25 PM
NO, :D To be honest with you this is a good idea.

Ñuño Martínez
27-01-2017, 09:46 AM
A message!

Right now the project is full halted because I had/have almost no time for it. :( May be some day I can work on it.