View Full Version : Castle Game Engine 6.0.2 released

22-03-2017, 02:44 AM
We're happy to announce Castle Game Engine 6.0.2 release! Download it from our webpage https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/ .
This is a small, mostly-bugfix release. So we only have 6 new features:)

New features:

sprite-sheet-to-x3d tool: The animations duration is now calculated looking at the number of animation frames and the FramesPerSecond value. FramesPerSecond is by default 4, but it can be changed by the --fps= command-line option.
New test_local_characters testcase (inside examples/fonts/test_local_characters/), testing reading and rendering of international characters (Chinese, Russian, Greek...).
LoadAnimatedGifs, see https://gist.github.com/michaliskambi/f79eeaeec9e8768e6885a6bb3b15f6fd for an example GIF player:) It requires having ffmpeg installed, though, for now.
Better API around TextureProperties X3D node.
Automatic gzip extension recognition for URLReadXML / URLWriteXML (by Eugene Loza, thanks!).
Unix manpages for utilities can be generated (see doc/man/man1/ in sources). All utilities support now --help and --version options.


OpenGLES (mobile) fixes for Color and ColorRGBA nodes handling.
Removed the proprietary Chartboost and Heyzap jar files from the distribution. They were packaged by accident in our zip and tar.gz archives. Users should download them on their own, following links from https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/wiki/Android-Project-Components-Integrated-with-Castle-Game-Engine .
Fix reading X3D files with IMPORT.
Fix UI in examples/fonts/html_text.lpr.
Various fixes for switching font at runtime. The test_local_characters demo shows that now everything works.
Remove the warnings from FPC 3.x around WideString convertions when dealing with XML units (by Eugene Loza).