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27-01-2018, 05:49 AM
We’re proud to announce Castle Game Engine 6.4 (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/) release! Castle Game Engine is a free, open-source game engine written in Object Pascal. We support both 3D and 2D games. We are cross-platform (desktop, Android, iOS — with the help of our own build tool and scalable user-interface components). The complete list of the engine features is here (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/features.php), so go ahead and download it (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/) and try!

New features in 6.4 release:

Rigid-body physics (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/manual_physics.php), internally using wonderful Kraft Physics Engine by Benjamin “BeRo” Rosseaux (https://www.patreon.com/bero).
iOS services (https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/wiki/iOS-Services): Apple Game Center, in-app purchases, Google Analytics, Game Analytics, Facebook SDK, sharing photos...
Improvements to terrain generation, and new "Wyrd Forest" game demo sponsored by Patreon supporters (https://www.patreon.com/posts/wyrd-forest-demo-15811244) showing terrain editing, planting trees, and destructible objects
Jan Adamec is working on a mobile view3dscene - a viewer for X3D, VRML, and all the other formats supported by Castle Game Engine (Collada, 3DS, MD3, STL, Spine JSON...) for Android and iOS (https://github.com/castle-engine/view3dscene-mobile)
Shader pipeline rendering much improved, you can now have Phong shading, bump mapping, steep parallax bump mapping with self-shadowing, specular maps and more on mobile. (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2017/10/14/shaders-unification-phong-shading-bump-mapping-and-commonsurfaceshader-on-mobile-100-modern-rendering-on-desktop/) And on desktop, we use "pure" shader pipeline now by default, not mixed with old fixed-function bits.
New TCastleTransform class to transform scenes. (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2017/11/26/more-comfortable-transformation-of-scenes-fixed-function-disabled-by-default/)
New modern API for vectors and matrices. (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2017/07/23/new-modern-api-for-vectors-and-matrices/)
Other new things supported: "Dragon Bones" for creating animated 2D models (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/creating_data_dragon_bones.php), https protocol (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/manual_network.php), KTX texture format (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/x3d_implementation_texturing.php#section_ktx)
Other API improvements: Generics.Collections containers (http://castle-engine.io/modern_pascal_introduction.html#generic-containers-section), camera API simplifications (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2017/09/29/lots-of-improvements-for-developers-ios-android-camera-navigationtype-t3d-visible-more/), drawing ellipses, rectangles lines on TCastleImage (thanks to Eugene Loza!) (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2018/01/16/new-release-this-weekend-last-pre-release-notes/), and more.

The above list was supposed to be only a summary http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/Smileys/ExcellentSmileys1/smile.gif For a really full list of new things see the news post (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2018/01/21/castle-game-engine-6-4-release-physics-ios-services-shader-pipeline-upgrade-big-api-improvements-vectors-transform-and-more/).

Together with the new engine, we also release view3dscene 3.18.0 (http://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/view3dscene.php) -- our 3D and 2D model browser, and glViewImage 1.8.0 (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/glviewimage.php) -- our image browser. These tools are useful when working with the engine (to quickly check how does the engine handle given model or image), but are also perfectly useful on their own, to view or even post-process your files.

At this moment, I also want to ask you to support the engine development on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/castleengine). This support really helps me, and is very appreciated. Various 6.4 features (like physics integration!) would not happen without this.

If you have not yet seen my plans for 2018, read them here (https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/wp/2017/12/23/plans-6-4-release-asap-visual-editor-soon-2018-roadmap/) -- I have a plan that should make our engine the best engine ever http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/Smileys/ExcellentSmileys1/smile.gif In short: editor component (to get standalone editor, like Unity3d, and to get editing inside Lazarus/Delphi, like GLScene, and to get runtime inspection/editing of the game world), Delphi compatibility, glTF and PBR, and looking closely at WebAssembly and pas2js.

Ñuño Martínez
27-01-2018, 10:48 AM
You have big plans man! :o I hope you can accomplish them all.

I'm still working in my Allegro+Retro Engine combo so I haven't space for a new project yet, but you know I have ideas for cool games that would fit perfectly with Castle Engine. In 3D. And networking. I'll need networking. ::)

27-01-2018, 11:56 AM
And networking. I'll need networking. ::)

For networking, I want to use one day https://github.com/BeRo1985/rnl :)