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08-10-2006, 03:21 PM
Please bear my vague and allusive descriptions of this post :)
I started working on a revolutionary (from my perspective anyway) in Apr/2004, sadly I suspended the project only few months later (life got in the way..).
I wanted to get back to work and hopefully with some assistance from one-two of you guys.

A bit about the game (the vague and allusive part):
The game tries to mix the RTS and the TBS Genre, taking the best of each. Keeping the game in fast paste lot of actions + in deep strategically decision (not only tactical). Keeping a special emphasis on é─˙unit designé─¨.

I know there is a conflict but its solvable :)

What I need:
As the game is é─˙uniqueé─¨ in many aspects and contains many elements I want to create a prototype, fully functional in all major aspects but lacks the final touches in game and in environment elements.. => for most of the game windows I used Delphi VCL and for the main screen and minimap windows GDI..

:arrow: There are many things where help is needed, but mostly I need to redo the main screen to be 3D (topview + isometric) and all the things that are related to this. (the game is OO data and graphics are separated, for good and for bad)
:arrow: Networking isné─˘t finished and its not my strongest side..
:arrow: Gameplay isné─˘t implemented at all (linking all the modules)
:arrow: ..and many minor stuff (not coding related, i.e add more items to the tech tree).

:!: I know ité─˘s not much of a description but I doné─˘t wish to write it in detail in a public forum.
Feel free specific question and if youé─˘d like more info email me.

A few screen-shots:

Unit Construction: (create a new unit type)
Factory: (build the units you designed)
Tech Construction: (editor for creating the tech tree)
Tech Select: (Top window is the new tech discovered (there is no tech alike! armor of user a <> armor of user b), left window is the progress and investment)
DivisionCreator: (Deploy units from warehouse/other division, in game you can see the small units and not just black squares..)

[Edit - added a few screen shots]

08-10-2006, 03:36 PM
my suggestion is, build a 3d engine, if you want to use opengl, you can try using one of sulaco.co.za:

take one of demos which loads, say 3ds files, look around and you can extend it into a nice game engine.

you can also check out the rage game engine on that same website.

08-10-2006, 03:48 PM
I doné─˘t want to focus my work on a é─˙graphical engineé─¨, the intention of the prototype is to test the gameplay.
Thaté─˘s why the current game uses windows GDI (squares and triangles as buildings :) ), if someone can make it look good it would be better.. as the current 1st impression isné─˘t good (even bad :roll: )..

09-10-2006, 05:29 AM
mostly I need to redo the main screen to be 3D (topview + isometric) and all the things that are related to this. (the game is OO data and graphics are separated, for good and for bad)

With customizable weapons and units it will be difficult to do nicely in 2D, too many permutations of unitas, weapons, armor etc. This would probably be better in 3D where you can add each customizable item into a units drawing function.

As I only really do 2D stuff it might be better to speak to some of the 3D guys, have a look at the engines on Sulaco.co.za as they have their own 3D engine: Rage 3D. Here is a direct link to the Rage 3D engine: http://www.sulaco.co.za/rage_game_engine/ there are other 3D engines around as well.

09-10-2006, 07:36 AM
i've seen the engine, but its not what I need..

The graphical engine should display a very large terrain, and I doné─˘t really need to see each individual unit (a regiment of soldiers contains many units..) and you also woné─˘t control each individual unit.. thats why 2D works, remember its still only a prototype.