View Full Version : A Fight'em Up Arcade style

27-10-2006, 08:05 PM
Ok, I know it has been done , several times, but i want to make a 2D
game somewhat like Mortal kombat, but with unique abillities and what not.

Anyone interrested?

I would want to use Delphi, (i'm still learning C++) and the DelphiX Components.

Any ideas, comments would be apreciated.

27-10-2006, 09:46 PM
You can actually make a beat 'm' up within 24 hours :P

Take a look at Uber Fighter: http://necrodome.homeftp.net/Project.nss?project=Game_24

The way we did it was by making an animation from about 5 frames and in each frame a hot spot to identify if there was a hit. If frame has no hot spot, there can't be a hit (or kick). We also have combo moves, but they didn't make it within 24 hours...

Second you need a very simple 2D scrolling background...

Put it together and you have your fighting game.

28-10-2006, 05:38 AM
:lol: Indeed, you can make it in 24 hours.

There was this really great peice of software by the company 'ASCII' called 'Fighter Maker'. That really showed you how to to put all the peices of such a game together. (ASCII is known for it's whole line of event-driven game makers like RPG Maker for consoles (NES/SNES/PS2) and PC Japanese versions 95/2000, Shooter Maker, etc...)

Basically you'd have your sprites and mark hotspots to go with each frame of the attack movement, just like NecroDOME says. You would want to assign a hit damage value to either each hotspots or the entire move.

At the same time... you will may want to have similar spots to detect weak or hitable areas, lets call 'em weakspots. Basically as you do with each hotspot, you'll arrange on each frame of your character's movements specific weakspots that if an opponent's hotspot hits it, POW! They made a hit... and you make your hit character's movements then reflect that.

In fact to enable such things as combos you would continue to include weakspots in each frame of the the 'ouch' movement of fallen and struck characters. You can assign what raction a character takes to what weakspot is hit.


Fighter A does a foot-sweep and a hotspot on his striking foot hits a weakspot at Fighter B's feet. that weakspot on Fighter B was set to put him into a tripping movement. So his state is changed to reflect tripping and the damage value assigned to Fighter A's hotspot is then taken from Fighter B's total HPs.

Welcome to PGD! I hope that I've given you enough to go on here. ;)