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04-01-2007, 04:00 PM
I have a program called Filesender on my WinXP Desktop. I'ts quite simple, I use it to transfer files. The good part about it is that it host a simple html page so the other side (other guy) only need a broswser.
It's easy to send files this way I think. I made the program myself long ago and made some minor updates and it's not really a good program but it works for me.
It is written in Delphi5.

You can have a look at it here: http://tihlde.org/~eirikbra/1337/filesender.exe

Note: There are some buttons that I used on my old modem for fixing NAT and some other stuff, just ignore them :)

The point of this thread is that ive started looking at linux.
So I wanted my program over to linux, I started programming this morning, and I'm "done" now. It's really just a beta and I havent tested it out much.
The program has no GUI, unlike the windows version, cause I allways keep a terminal open and use them all the time and therfore it's faster to use terminal.

It's written in fpc using lnet for tcp.
(I think it's abit slow, my code is far from perfect, the windows version is fast).
Oh and, the windows version works both ways, this linux version is just for sending, but I can make it go both ways.

Please have a look: http://tihlde.org/~eirikbra/1337/filesender

If anyone want the source I'll just throw it up in that 1337-folder.