View Full Version : [PGD Competition 2007] A cup full of post-mortems

Sascha Willems
06-02-2007, 08:27 PM
I'm not sure how many of you fellow PGDians know about gamecareerguide.com (http://www.gamecareerguide.com). This page has a lot (and by that I mean dozens) of interesting post-mortems about smaller projects mainly created by students of different game design institutes.
And as most of those games could very well fit into this years compo I decided to post a link that directly shows a list of of those post-mortems (http://www.gamecareerguide.com/postmortems/).

I thought this could be interesting for some of you guys entering this years compo as those students also mostly have deadlines to fullfill and that those post-mortems can help you identify pitfalls in a smaller projects developement-cycle. Contrary to the post-mortems of e.g. Gamasatrua which are mostly for AAA-titles those ones are very interesting for indie-developers or people that prefer to make games on a smaller scale.