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08-02-2007, 06:37 PM
This is a side scrolling shooter and gridlock puzzle game. You are a space marine who's head has been transformed into a rat's head by an evil scientist, who is running experiments to mutate humans into deadly creatures. The action happens inside an outer space station, that works as a huge cargo storage for interstellar travel. You have to use your intelligence to make your path thru the ship, and your unlimited-ammo weapons to destroy the mad creatures and robots.

Characters will have animated 2D graphics, and scenarios will be 3D. It will have lots of particles with explotions, gravity and force-field dynamics, and chain effects (i.e. pushing and pulling rows of objects). We will have to program a physics module for our engine for those features.

Starting rooms are like any gridlock puzzle where you have to move boxes to open a space. Your character is in between the boxes. These boxes, or containers, are attached magnetically (in most cases) making it possible to move them in vertical and horizontal directions. As you advance in the rooms, you find weapons and creatures to fight. Some rooms have weird gravity and other effects that change the dynamics of the game. Mechanical and force-field cranes move the containers automatically, and you have to deal with those mechanisms to cross the room. In example, some special rooms are waste disposals, where a whole column of boxes enter from one side, and push the others across the room to be destroyed, so you have to solve the puzzle quickly avoiding to be vanished. There are many different containers with different behaviors. Some boxes can be locked making chains of boxes, or can be unlocked to open passages in the room. Also weapons have double effect. Those can be used to destroy enemies but also to interact with the boxes. Powerful weapons can also blow up most boxes.

For this contest we will make just one level for every different kind of dynamic. The game editor can be used later to create more levels with the same dynamics, increasing the size of the game. Levels can be published in Internet and played directly from the game.

Regards! 8)

24-04-2007, 06:45 PM
Hey cronodragon,

Hows the game coming along?

24-04-2007, 07:35 PM

I have had a lot of work in the office, haven't made any advance, sorry. I have all the graphics, but nothing to show yet. Hope to get time someday... :?

How is the contest doing? I haven't been here for a while.