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30-08-2007, 08:19 AM
I'm hereby making a FPC4GBA and FPC4NDS tutorial list.

Original tutorial (abandoned, unfinished) (http://itaprogaming.free.fr/tutorial.html)


I'm also accepting tutorials that can teach use of FPC4GBA/NDS without knowledge of C/C++ or anything.

You can also ask for help.
I will first.

I have a code (3 examples joint, you may replace buhh0.o with any lz77 compressed 8bit 256x192 image working but you must replace BitmapLen!):
program main;
{$L buhh0.o}
{$L buhh1.o}

{$apptype arm9} //...or arm7
{$define ARM9} //...or arm7, according to apptype

{$mode objfpc} // required for some libc funcs implementation

ctypes; // required by nds headers!

{$include nds.inc} // headers!

buhh0PalLen = 512;
buhh0BitmapLen = 10208;
buhh0Pal: array [0..255] of cushort; cvar; external;
buhh0Bitmap: array [0..2551] of cuint; cvar; external;
buhh0_decomp: TDecompressionStream;
pressed, held: integer;

function getSize(source: pcuint8; dest: pcuint16; arg: cuint32): integer;
getSize := pcuint32(source)^;

function readByte(source: pcuint8): cuint8;
readByte := source^;

buhh0_decomp.getSize := TGetSize(@getSize);
buhh0_decomp.getResult := nil;
buhh0_decomp.readByte := TReadByte(@readByte);
// a vblank interrupt is needed to use swiWaitForVBlank()
// since the dispatcher handles the flags no handler is required

//set the mode for 2 text layers and two extended background layers
videoSetMode(MODE_5_2D or DISPLAY_BG3_ACTIVE);

//set the sub background up for text display (we could just print to one
//of the main display text backgrounds just as easily
videoSetModeSub(MODE_0_2D or DISPLAY_BG0_ACTIVE); //sub bg 0 will be used to print text

//set the first bank as background memory and the third as sub background memory
//B and D are not used
vramSetMainBanks(VRAM_A_MAIN_BG_0x06000000, VRAM_B_LCD, VRAM_C_SUB_BG, VRAM_D_LCD);
////////////////set up text background for text/////////////////////

BG_PALETTE_SUB[255] := u32(RGB15(31,31,31));//by default font will be rendered with color 255

//consoleInit() is a lot more flexible but this gets you up and running quick
consoleInitDefault(pu16(SCREEN_BASE_BLOCK_SUB(31)) , pu16(CHAR_BASE_BLOCK_SUB(0)), 16);

iprintf(#10#10#9 + 'Hello CJA' + #10);
iprintf(#9 + 'nice going i am doing here' + #10 + #10);
iprintf(#9 + '-= DIALOGUE =-' + #10);
iprintf('<Frobozz> CJA: Make a game :P' + #10);
iprintf('<CJA> okay fine' + #10);
iprintf(' geez');
///////////////set up our bitmap background///////////////////////
BG3_CR^ := BG_BMP8_256x256;

//these are rotation backgrounds so you must set the rotation attributes:
//these are fixed point numbers with the low 8 bits the fractional part
//this basicaly gives it a 1:1 translation in x and y so you get a nice flat bitmap
BG3_XDX^ := 1 shl 8;
BG3_XDY^ := 0;
BG3_YDX^ := 0;
BG3_YDY^ := 1 shl 8;

BG3_CX^ := 0;
BG3_CY^ := 0;

for i := 0 to 256*2 - 1 do
BG_PALETTE[i] := palette_bin[i];
for i := 0 to 256*256 - 1 do
BG_GFX[i] := drunkenlogo_bin[i];

dmaCopy(@buhh0Pal, BG_PALETTE, buhh0PalLen);
swiDecompressLZSSVram(@buhh0Bitmap, BG_GFX, 0, @buhh0_decomp);
while true do
pressed := keysDown(); // buttons pressed this loop
held := keysHeld(); // buttons currently held
if ( pressed and KEY_A) <> 0 then begin end;
while true do swiWaitForVBlank();

.GIT file:

# 8 bit bitmap

# bitmap format

Now i want to make this change the image from 0-XXX where XXX is 3-999 (buhh0bitmap, buhh1bitmap, buhh2bitmap, buhh3bitmap if i have images from 0-3) in a way:
A) optimalized.
B) working ;)
I will work on a NDS Slideshow maker (first something for my friend, then make a c, that's why i need help.
BTW: If there's any other good compression format, please say. And yeah, the code is 3 examples joint ;P. If you don't understand, please tell me.

30-08-2007, 03:44 PM
I fear that you will find anything about pascal and gba/nds :(
However, there is a plenty of generic tutorials about nds and gba programming that you can understand even if you don't know c/c++. Among others, I suggest these two:

http://dev-scene.com/NDS/Tutorials (unfinished, but very good)
http://tobw.net/dswiki/index.php?title=Graphic_modes (this one is about video modes and memory mapping)

30-08-2007, 06:26 PM
Well, i'm sticking to DSLua until there are some FPC4NDS _PASCAL_ tutorials.