View Full Version : Asphyre FullScreen Bug

29-09-2007, 11:43 AM
"The biggest problem happens when in FullScreen, the user did press ALT + TAB, and do not release the ALT... it can see the icon in lower left corner of screen, and you can move it.... in all other cincurstances, i could get the icon invisible (minimizing the application), but this way was the only way without solution, because it only minimizes when the application loses focus, and while ALT pressed in alt+tab it do no lose focus."

I have done a fix, but i could not fix this bug yet!

How to reproduce! After my fix, without the fix, doing from 4 the bug already reproduces the bug!

1. Launch any Asphyre Full Screen Application.
2. Lock computer (and leave locked for a few minutes)
3. Unlock computer
4. Use Alt+Tab to switch between Asphyre and other active programs (or the desktop)
A tab for Asphyre Application appears over the start menu. This game tab won't go away until the game application is ended and relaunched.
No game tab is created just over the Start button, only the taskbar should have a tab for the game.

Somebody here did have this problem with another Direct3D aplication, or Asphyre itself, and did solved this problem?