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13-06-2003, 07:35 PM
Some hosting problems over the last day, Dan at f2o sorted it out in a record 22 hours :P

10:25am CST - Ok, things are settling back down.. Total downtime was just under 22 hours, which is totally brutal. The problem was our T1 was on a bad port in the Chicago POP. Qwest had to replace equipment, which was the reason for such a long outage. I apprecite everyone's patience more than you can imagine.. There just isn't much we can do on our end when something like that happens except sit on the phone with support egineers and be as helpfull as possible.

Paid domain customers will be contacted individually to discuss credit towards thier accounts..

We're truly sincerely sorry everyone, we hope you understand!

What do you think, shall we forgive him this time? :lol:

13-06-2003, 07:51 PM
What do you think, shall we forgive him this time?

Why not? Not his fault that Qwest suck ;-) (Even if the provider was the company I work for I'd say the same thing ;-))