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15-06-2003, 02:15 PM
I have finished my first game using glxtreem, ZHess, it can be downloaded on NeHe under z.


I i'm having some problems with the page, so if anyone has any suggestions for a host i would be most thankful.

Im planning on releasing a new the components this week, just have to make some new demos, here's a changelog for the upcoming release so far:

-Added tga support in the imagelisteditor.
-New particle demo, fountain.
-Fixed support for fullscreen. New event in GLXDraw: onSetup, check the updated Fullscreen demo
-Ramade draw functions in the imagelist.
-The Alpha Channel in Targa Files didn't work, remade image loading
-Fixed normals for the cube in the primitives, it's now centered around x,y,z aswell.
-Added support for Quake3 MDL files
-Added normals for terrain and repeating terrain
-Remade the font class, now uses bitmap fonts only, also written generator
-Removed a bug in installer and added better debug (txt file)
-Added new component for handling gui's
-Changed the fullscreen now attempts higher refresh rate then before
-Added a sprite engine with support for 3D collisions
-Added support for axis aligned particles in the particleengine
-The primitives now auto creates an instance of itself, avaiable as a public variable in GLXPrimitives
-New demo: Quake3MDL
-New demo: Sprites