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16-06-2003, 08:16 AM
Well I am new to this and I decide to start a new platform game named Petit-Lapin Quest which means Little Bunny Quest. It will be a simple platform game where the char will be a bunny and he will have to collect items and stuff from a stage and then move to the next stage. But I am thinking of making a fully story game when a stage is clear not to go simple to the next one.

Right now I have made the bunny movement(that was not to easy I have some problems still with the collision and the movement but I'll handle it)
The basic idea is to learn and to figure out how to make things work by my self.
For example how to make the bunny jump and when the max pos is reached to come down and the jump key to be locked or something.. it's real fun and you fell sutisfied when you manage something like that(if you are new to this ofcourse) but OK I am moving on.
So after the movement I worked with collision tests and so on I checked some yesterday and after some time I maneged that too.
And the final thing that I have done is to make a gravity procedure and the gravity to stop when the bunny collised to the ground. I done this working but that is just the begining.

I would like to make a stage creator and to write a file with the info inside and then the programe to read this file and to create each time the according stage(this will be hard but i will try)

All the images are from the internet( cause my draws sucks big time)
And general I hope this to be something good and the basic thing is I think that I learn some stuff from this.
Anyway I will inform for my evolution into this

17-06-2003, 07:49 AM
Quite an undertaking your have there :) Anything we can see already?

Btw,.. in case you're interested, I did a tutorial about creating a platform game a couple months. It's written for DelphiX but the formula should work for all wrappers.

17-06-2003, 01:00 PM
I can't help but point out that your sig is "Darkness in my heart" but you're making a game about bunnies ;). Nonetheless, it sounds like the sort of game I'd like (as long as you throw in ridiculous, over the top violence sometimes -- perhaps the bunnies can be suicide bombers and explode if falling too far).

17-06-2003, 01:58 PM
OK I know I have this sig cause I use this as quit msg for 3 years now in IRC so what the hack! :) Anyway I started that because I 'thought' ok It will be easy a bunny jumping and walking and collecting items over platforms ........(it comes to me from the matrix "Why did I choose the blue pill?" ) Anyway I make this for my girlfriend mainly and second for my thurst of knowledge. It is a good way to suttisfy both! :)
Anyway Soon I will find a nice play to host my stuff and try to write some ideas of mine about how I though things would work in my game.
Like I create gravity to my hero and play with Y all the time in order to make him stop or something.
Right now It works quit good. But more work needed.

I would like to show you everything I do but ok it's still nothing.
Yesterday I spend 2 hours trying to make the gravity.stuff when I decided to rip of all the graphs and use simple box in order to make my mind more clear.
So if I give something out now You will kick me out of this forum :(
So ok be patien I will show you something I hope soon When I will make the basic rules in the game and make it work I will show it.
And then I will try to work in order to make other futures of the game.

Till then Have a nice time and thanx for your replies :)

(ALimonster Nice Sig :) greek one :) maybe I will find it in greek and sended to you the way it's really writen :))

and Traveler your site is -> with the journal? Great help real great help
but I am beginer and I was lost in your code of the platform game.
But gave me some good ideas! and I try to understand bit by bit in order to make mine! trust be I am trying to learn :)

Anyway thanx again ppl
C|U soon