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12-04-2009, 10:37 PM
I'm currently working on a project that compliments PyroGine SDK (http://jarrodavisoftware.com/index.php?page=21) called PyroGame. It takes advantage of the powerful compiler in pgsdk and presents a standalone, lightweight development environment. My goal in making this is so that we can make all of our game projects with it and in MOD'able fashion. It is my hope that over time it will continue to grow and become more robust with features being added as needed for our projects.

Design concepts:
[+] It's based around a VFL (virtual file library). It's a standard zip archive that has a {code} and {resources} section.

[+] You can sort of think of a VFL like a .NET assembly in that the code inside (pascal or basic) will get JIT compiled when it's loaded and then will execute.

[+] The {resources} section at the moment can contain a mainicon.ico and versionfo. In the future I plan to have support for other meta data for rich RTTI support as well as being able to cache the compiled image and so forth.

[+] To support MODs, the running code can load other VFL at run-time. For example your main VFL will start which can present your UI and that can scan and load other VFL MOD files. The main exe will by default looks for a VFL file with the same base name. It will then load, compile and execute the code in the {code} section. This gets the ball rolling. The compiled scripts can then load additional VFL files.

[+] The VFL can be encrypted for protection.

[+] The end user will be able to use the same system to MOD our games using the same dev environment.

[b]Stuff that currently works:
[+] You can create a new project
[+] You can open and existing project
[+] You can add pascal and basic source files to the project
[+] Code completion and parameter hits (just the API at the moment)
[+] Pressing F1 on a topic brings up the .chm help file (help contents WIP) as well and Help index, and search.
[+] You can compile and run the source code

[b]Stuff that I hope to get in the next build:
[+] Set main icon file
[+] Define version information
[+] Build the compressed VFL distribution file
[+] Build the distribution EXE with main icon and version info
[+] Compilation error display in message window. You can click to take you the location in the source.
[+] Fix problem with pressing F1 help. At the moment it prevents parameter hits from being properly displayed.
[+] Add the OOP framework to the system
[+] Add code completion for OOP framework
[+] Fix and reported problems and continue to tweak and enhance

[b]Stuff I hope to add down the line:
[+] Ability to cache and reuse the compiled image
[+] Ability to cache and reuse compiled meta data for code exploration
[+] Source code debugging in the

Note: It's in a very alpha state. I would like to however get some feedback on Vista. I need to do more testing there. I already had a reported problem that I'm trying to get resolved dealing the the project paths. So, if anyone has Vista and would like to let me know it would be much appreciated.

You can download it here (http://jarrodavisoftware.com/temp/pyrogame_alpha1.zip).

Development updates will be posted here (http://jarrodavisoftware.com/index.php?board=10.0) if your interested.

http://jarrodavisoftware.com//images/products/pyrogame/dev/pyroeditor3.jpg (http://jarrodavisoftware.com//images/products/pyrogame/dev/pyroeditor3.jpg)