View Full Version : Side Effect: Title Art.

08-05-2009, 05:51 PM
The Side Effect project is VERY far from complete, but I'm interested in what you artistic guys can come up with for a title logo.

What is Side Effect? It's still nothing... But it will be an action packed FPS. ;D

So to visualise something, think all out brutal FPS WAR!!! :D

Thanks people.

09-05-2009, 07:03 PM
i'd recommend getting the coding started first a basic alpha version of a game, dont use real artwork until you know exactly how your game image is to look, then do your artwork.

09-05-2009, 09:03 PM
Indeed, plan your art! Figure out your features and list of characters, etc then draw up a list. Then once you've covered EVERYTHING(leave nothing out), start prioritizing... Prepare to start cutting features and characters from your end result. Because honestly, you will probably have to not do some things that you ultimately want to finish it. We always have bigger brains/hearts than we do hands. ;)