View Full Version : VCL bug fixes

30-06-2003, 08:56 AM
If you have the VCL source code then check out the following site: http://www.automatedqa.com/support/leaks.asp. It lists some known memory leaks in the VCL and how to fix them. :!: It also says what updates fix 'em (if any) if you don't want to hack around the VCL code yourself. Also, some more fixes over here (http://codecentral.borland.com/codecentral/ccweb.exe/prodcat?prodid=1&catid=5).

If you are going to hack around with the VCL code then you have to add it to the library path first (tools->environment options->library->library path). The easiest way to see whether you're recompiling the code is to introduce a typo into a unit such as forms.pas in your VCL source dir and check if the compiler catches it. Back up the files before changing them, though! If you're feeling cowardly then you can do the same by copying the .pas file into your application's directory and changing the copy -- this has to be done for each of your apps, though.