View Full Version : Special effects in openAL

23-10-2009, 09:27 PM
Hey guys

I use the OpenAL headers for a while now and I thought it would be great if I could use special effects like reverb, chorus, flanger etc.. I just read some documentation about how the effect and filter system works and I would like to start using it. The problem is that the pascal translation of the OpenAL header doesn't seem to contain the routines i need, like:

alGenEffects(), alDeleteEffects(), alEffecti(), alGenFilters() etc..

Is there a pascal translation of the effects extension of OpenAL available?

Thanks. :)

23-10-2009, 09:38 PM
Ok.. lol.. Seems that Noeska has a header which includes the effect functions I was looking for :D (Was using an outdated header all the time ??? ).


24-10-2009, 09:04 AM
Also look at tutorial #17: http://www.noeska.com/doal/lesson17.aspx