View Full Version : How to Swap 2Images as fast as possible without imperfectio?

28-07-2003, 06:59 AM
I have to do a program that take 2 images (bmp 640x480) and swap it (every 1second) without imperfection.

I use TdirectDraw... with "flip" method but I've 10millisecond of delay for every swap

Is possible to do this swap faster?

Please help me! :?:

04-08-2003, 10:26 AM
What frame rate are you getting? If it's bang-smack-on something like 70, 72, 75, 85 or 100 then it may well be v-sync. Check what refresh rate your monitor is set to for your chosen mode. If this is the case then you can probably disable the v-sync somehow with your TDirectDraw (don't know, since I've not used it, but it'll probably be a property or a param to its Flip-like function) and have your program not wait at all.