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25-05-2010, 09:44 PM
The idea is simple. Instead of drawing 2700 images per frame, I draw them to a couple of big images, then draw those.

NOTE: I believe this can be done with surfaces, but considering most default integrated graphics cards (especially intel) don't seem to support a spec from 1985, I'm forced to find other means to keep my target audience wider. I don't find it amusing that intel seems to have no problem supporting DX surfaces...

The problem is complex. I can't figure out what type I could possibly use that has a background that's transparent. Let me try to give an example, since I can't word that correctly. When I created a TBitmap and drew my PNG with alpha to it, it drew it perfectly, but it drew it on a black background because TBitmap doesn't support an alpha channel.

More or less, I'm looking for a type that can be set to have a transparent background, which can be used in conjunction with AdImage.Texture.LoadFromGraphic, and, of course, can be drawn to via canvas or some other method...

*Crossing fingers*

17-03-2011, 01:08 PM
This thread is old and may be dead but for anyone wanting a lead on this questions....

TBitmap does support alpha. You have to set the bitmap mode to 32bit. T