View Full Version : Install Problem under Delphi 6

19-08-2003, 08:17 PM
Hi i have got some problems with Delphi 6 and GLXTreem install......

with the install.exe i have "some" 100 error........ :-(

but as manuali ive got this faults....


what is it???
that is by line
XLAT // (Only) Delphi 6 needs XLATB here.

i dont know what it is....
please help

ps i am not so good in english i am a german people *g*

thanx im vorraus ?!?!?


19-08-2003, 08:32 PM
That unit is part of GraphicEX ( http://www.lischke-online.de ), the image libary i'm using for Targa Loading... As far as i know it has support for delphi 6, i'm affraid i cant help u whit that error.. You might try to just install GraphicEx and se if that works...

21-08-2003, 05:40 PM
Had the same prob. I just replaced XLAT with XLATB on the two lines which caused the error. Then it worked. :)

21-08-2003, 10:30 PM
Okey, nice u telled us, i could change that in GraphicEx with compiler directives but that's against the copyright of GraphicEx...