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21-08-2003, 01:02 AM
My name is Travis Cline, a 17 year old living in Kansas.

I started programming in BASIC at around 10 (reverse engineering games)

I started using Object Pascal a few years ago, I'm familiar with C++ and I suppose VB(though i realize as everyone should that it is worthless).

Object Pascal is by far my language of choice. I'm glad to see a community using Delphi (F. microsoft)

I am on my way to being the president of my own software company but when I'm not working on that project I've been doing things with ANN and GA and Backpropagation.

I recently successfully implemented a simple a-life implementation using feedforward fully connected nets and a genetic alg.
I'll be putting my results up when I refine the details of my program.
It's basically a Delphi rendition of Mat Buckland's ANN tutorial at ai-junkie.com

I haven't really developed much game-wise but have drawn up plans at least once.

Just saying whats up with moi.


21-08-2003, 07:07 AM
Hey, glad to see you've joinned the "dark side". ;) There is an obvious lack of AI development in the Delphi community, but I think that some here do find an interest(if lack the time). Hmm... would be nice to see more posts in the AI forums...

21-08-2003, 07:34 AM

Welcome indeed! In our game 'Cataclysm' (http://cataclysm.servegame.com) we're implementing a special process for the A* path planning algorithm that has some artificial intelligence in it... We are also planning to post some of the code on our website to help fellow gamedevelopers in their projects.
As we both have fulltime jobs (that take all of our time at the moment), our progress on our game is a bit stalled, but we'll be working on it more when the leaves fall and the days shorten (to speak in terms of our game-genre ;)) In the mean time, we'll try to post some of the AI-code on our website... We'll keep you informed!