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27-11-2003, 07:50 PM
Since January this year I have been coding my own MMORPG, with the help of 4 other team members, The coding has been primarily by myself with graphic, design and web support from my team. The project is looking very very positive, but we are still a long way from perfection and some kind of public release (although its playable currently).

I am looking for some of the senior developers on here to test, critisise and maybe contribute code / routines. Any help given will be noted and credit paid where due once we start making any money from the game.

In principle this game could earn quite a lot of cash from monthly subscriptions, although to start with we may provide a free beta period.

The game is future based, post nuclear war, end of the world type scenario. Enemies comprise of other players, mutant humans / creatures, AI and robots created by the AI, and Demons. Sounds a bit of an odd mix, but if you imagine post nuclear war spawned by AI (T2 ish), and biblical brimstone falling from the sky and the dead rising from the grave...

Gameplay can be compared to games like Diablo2, UO, Mir2, SOMA etc.

If you are interested please email gadget@c5software.co.uk


There is a pic in my sig, unfortunately the main site is down at the moment, as we wait for a 1Mb line to be installed.