View Full Version : Which gp2x model to buy?

22-04-2011, 10:45 AM
Hey all,
I got some money for my birthday, and I was looking at upgrading my GP2X MkII to a later model...

I was wondering what people thought of the GP2X WIZ and GP2X CAANOO?

I know some people on this forum (Thomas aka kidpaddle) has a GP2X wiz already.

Does anyone here have a GP2X CAANOO, and if so, what do they think of it?

CAANOO Pros and cons
+1: The CAANOO has networking (WiFi) - yay!
+1: Has a g-sensor (accelerometer) - yay!
-1?: analog joystick might be weird to use/get used to (might not be an issue).
-1: missing out on some emulators, like C64 emulator (might be rectified soon?)
-1: doesn't look as nice as the WIZ (just in my head :D )

GP2X WIZ Pros and cons
+1: controls look easy to use
+1: looks very nice
-1: No WiFi
-1: No accelerometer