View Full Version : Octree or BSP tree?!

02-02-2004, 04:02 PM

I have been reading through several documents and source's of Octrees and BSP trees in an effort to add either one of them in to my engine,
BUT my engine's world's contain indoor and outdoor, Static and animated scenes! I found a note in one of the documents that mentioned that the best thing would be to mix Octree and BSP tree together, but it does not mention how i can accomplish this, im not completly sure how to go about doing this (This is the first time i am writing either).

Also my world data is kinda complex, it contains entitiy propertise, vertice propertise, everything that is needed to render so the Node will need to contain this data also.

Another thing is that my worlds can contain anything from 10 triangles to say 150,000,000+ (Not including extra models, etc) and in some cases is randomly generated.

Im hoping for some ideas on how i can do this or even source code if possible..

Thanx for any help