View Full Version : Dxdraw strange effect

Rene Dare
13-02-2004, 11:59 PM

I'm using DXDraw component in my project, but there is an strange blur effect that is really boring. I've noticed that if change the surface memory usage (DXDraw.Surface.UseSystemMemory), the image becomes normal. However it decreases the surface flipping speed and increases the program page faults per second.

What can i do to fix this?


20-02-2004, 10:04 AM
This blurring effect isn't depend on DelphiX. When you stretch or shrink an image on the video card memory you will always have this blurring effect. If you use DirectDraw there is no command to have a clear image (Microsoft's big shit). You can prevent this blurring effect with an ATI card just click the antialiasing option but with a NVIDIA card there is no change option. I know it's strange but the truth is this. Do you have NVidia card? So you must write an aliasing filter or try to use Direct3D and it's texture filter.