View Full Version : Some Tricky Pathfinding

17-02-2004, 12:11 PM
Hi everybody, I would like to know wich way you would handle pathfinding in a maze, with some teleporters and locked doors. The teleporters make you go elsewhere on the map (but always the same point of course, thats to say there are 2 points between wich you travel each time you go through the teleporter). The Doors are the thing that are causing me the most issues, cause you need the corresponding key to open them.

The thing is sometimes getting all the keys is not necessary, and going through all of the teleporters isn't either. I've though i could try to make a pathfinding algorithm that ignores the doors and then, when i've found the shortest way, search the way to the corresponding keys but it wouldn't be good : the keys i would be searching for might be inaccessible, and in the case i can get them it wouldn't be for sure the shortest path....

Now I'm asking you how you would handle this ! Thx for replies :D

PS : Here is an example of a maze. See how the start and end point are close but how the path is loooooog :D