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22-02-2004, 01:14 AM
GameVision SDK 2004 0.1.0b

Welcome to GameVision SDK, a 2D rendering API for PC's running
Microsoft Windows. This release is aimed specifically at
Direct3D with 3D hardware.

The GameVision SDK is feature complete and can easily create
any type of 2D game with D3D for rendering. GameVision 1.x
powered our game FreeStrike.

GV was designed to be easy to use, robust and feature rich
and should be easy to use in your projects.

GVSDK 2004 retains the best features of GVSDK4 and enhances them. You no
longer have to preallocate resources at startup. All GV resources are
still tracked and managed however and will be released on shutdown. The
backend has been unified and the SDK will operate on the principle of a
32bit frame buffer accessible from both windowed and fullscreen mode. 32bit
textures with alpha which makes getting data in/out much simpler and the
whole thing tied together around general XML data configuration.

I plan to release beta builds in point increments leading up to the 1.0.0

* Uses Direct3D 9 for fast 2D rendering
* Pure API core using the stdcall convention
* 32 bit textures
* Free scaling, rotation, alpha blending and other special effects
* Windowed and fullscreen modes
* Wav and MP3 audio
* Unified backend, simplified frontend
* Can be used from Delphi, C/C++, VB or any compiler that supports standard DLLs.
* Will ship initially with Delphi and VC6 bindings
* Lua for scripting
* XML data configuration
* Robust and feature rich
* Interfaces include:
LogFile, Error, CmdLine, Color, Timer, RezFile, App, AppWindow,
Input, RenderDevice, Texture, Font, Audio, Math, Dialog, Stream,
* And much more

* Pentium class CPU, 366Mhz
* At least 64MB of RAM
* 20MB of free Hard Drive space
* Microsoft Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP (NT is not supported )
* Any language that supports DLL loading, such as Delphi and VC6
* DirectX 9b summer runtime
* Direct3D compliant 3D video card that can do 3D in a window
* DirectSound compliant audio card (optional)

Functional interfaces:
* Dialog
* Error
* LogFile
* CmdLine
* App
* AppWindow
* Memory
* Timer
* Math
* Color
* MemoryStream
* FileStream
* ZipArchiveStream
* Input
* Audio
* MusicPlayer
* Renderer
* Texture
* Font
* Script

Know Issues:
* No documentation
* Minimal examples

Visit the download section at http://www.jarroddavis.com

If you have any problems using the GVSDK you can reach us in serveral ways:

* Website: http://www.jarroddavis.com - Jarrod Davis Software
* Email : support@jarroddavis.com - Support

22-02-2004, 04:25 PM
Wow, that's cool :)

22-02-2004, 05:46 PM

If you find a bug or have comments/suggestions, feel free to contact us. I am activiely working towards the next release so there is a good chance that I can get them fixed/added by then.

Again, thanks.