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  1. Managing Chaos & the Next Big PGD Event

    Hey all you faithful PGD Members!

    I'm finally posting another entry in my PGD Blog to tell you all about some of the great stuff that's been going on behind the scenes and what you will soon get to experience in the next few months.

    Stayin' Alive & Kickin'

    Well some of you might have noticed a little outage of the site just last month. Thanks to the efforts of Dominique Louis (savage), Christina Warne (AthenaOfDelphi) and Benjamin Gregg-Smith ...
  2. Podcasts and Facebook

    Hey all!

    I've been taking a little trip around the internet lately looking for new and cool ways to promote PGD and get some more resources for our devote developers. One of the things I remember that the original PGD had was podcasts from the GDC Radio when it was quite active and free. I just bought myself a new iPod Shuffle, so I was also interested in getting back to some podcasts to listen to on my own time. I found a couple that I found quite interesting and figured why not put ...
  3. New Staff Members!

    Hey everyone,

    I'd just like to announce that PGD has just just added two new Staff members. Please welcome both code_glitch who will be joining us as a Forum Moderator and philbermon who will be helping as a News Reporter. Thank you to both PGD members for stepping up to help the community run a little smoother.

    PGD's Staff is just starting to bulk up, we are still looking for others to help with tasks such as writers, advertisers and a couple more Moderators and News Reporters ...
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  4. 4.0.7 Site Software Update

    I have just completed a minor software update that fixed a few small bugs. Most notably the file attachment for CMS Articles causing a MySQL error while trying to save. This is now fixed and you can attach files without worrying about losing your work while saving.

    There were over 50 minor fixes that you can read about here:
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  5. I Think We Made a Friend

    I was looking around the vast internet looking for a new and exciting news piece to put up on the front page when I stumbled across this guy's blog. "Delphi Hater's Blog" Well wouldn't you know it, I just HAD to read it.

    It's just under a year old, but considering that he paints us in a bad light and we haven't really had much of a chance to tell our side of things, I think it's still only fair that we bring it up. Do keep in mind that this person is obviously very opinionated ...
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