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  1. Murmandamus's Avatar
    Now, if I could just develop my own apps to run on it, that would make it useful to me.
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    Now if they ship development on this I'm in the market for one. Wouldn't it be nice if they allowed us to install mac os x on there? or linux... The possibilities would be truly endless. Although I too am a fan of the app store architecture and my main flaw with the original iPad was that it was incompatible with flat surfaces (rounded bottom) this might just be 'perfect'...
  3. gasdeveloper's Avatar
    2 gb?, lucky I only had 128mb for the longest time. And only 6 mega of ram. I loved that pc
  4. WILL's Avatar
    Like I wrote in the blog it's self, it's best to stay away from any reference to a specific API or even a library (library dependency is a bad crutch that new programmers get stuck on and when their favored lib stops being maintained by the developer, they lose interest or instead start to spend time instead trying to continue the maintainer's old job instead of doing what they originally planned in the first place, learn to make games and have fun doing it.

    Lib's in progress, also aren't a very good way to start people out on their way to their first coding lessons, either. It's best to instead use proven libraries such as JEDI-SDL or the like despite how long since they have been updated. There is no possibility that the code will be broken later on and they readers won't be waiting for a future version of the library should you have a delay or not.
  5. code_glitch's Avatar
    I might have a go at pong. Are we allowed to use libs that are being developed? I'm dying to take the Prometheus Video units out for a test run; and this way it would be constructive too
  6. WILL's Avatar
    Well once this kit becomes available I'm going to see how much it is and see if we can't gather some donations to gather some of the cost for it. The App it's self will be free for everyone to download, but it will help to expose PGD to all the platforms I can get it onto. It would make such a difference to be able to have this kind of access and be listed in an A-List app store such as iTunes just as a start. The application is also really good as I've tried it out myself on my iPod Touch and it's fully featured.
  7. paul_nicholls's Avatar
    Sounds very useful, but I won't be able to use it as I don't have an iPhone or an Android powered phone...

    I AM getting a Samsung SGH-F480i touch phone for Christmas but that won't be any good either LOL

  8. code_glitch's Avatar
    Sweet - This looks really good... I hope they go the WinMo route since I like HTC and they have lots of WinMo phones.
  9. Stoney's Avatar
    Very nice summary of things. Thanks for sharing it with the community.
  10. code_glitch's Avatar
    8-bit Mega Man
    haha, now those where the days... 8 and 16 bit dos with 256 colours, VEGA and etc... God, I miss the ker-chlunck of those old keyboards. Now its all tappedy tippedy swipe. Still, I find that although Dosbox works great, nothing replicates the feeling of booting up that old 486 with 16 megs of ram and the steady WHIRRR of your 2gb hard drive...
  11. WILL's Avatar
    I would hope so, I bought both Mega Man 9 and 10 games for my PS3 and I bought both the collections of the classic and Mega Man X games that were released for PS2. Also as testament to how much this game series had an impact on my early gaming experience, my PSN Avatar is the 8-bit Mega Man running.

    Though I'm a little disappointed in the last Mega Man release I've seen coming out soon. It's some game where you can customize and make your own levels and bosses, which would be really cool, but the quality wasn't there for me when it came to the graphics and that Mega Man feel.
  12. code_glitch's Avatar
    Go megaman. Shame he left though, wonder if they will continue on without him?
  13. WILL's Avatar
    Awesome! I left you a message back in response to yours. Can't wait to read your first article.
  14. phibermon's Avatar
    I'm always up for writing articles, I can pretty much cover every aspect of game development and I'm confident that I have a good writing style, excellent use of constructive metaphors and will always try to explain why as well as how.
  15. dazappa's Avatar
    I want a good cross-platform engine. SDL is really the only thing stable in that department.
  16. WILL's Avatar
    Well that's good. The more people helping out, even in the smallest tasks, is that much more time less it takes that we can do other things to promote and add fun to the site.
  17. de_jean_7777's Avatar
    Haters gonna hate.
  18. code_glitch's Avatar
    I'm pretty much OK with just about anything apart from hunting for pascal things on the internet and etc since I don't always keep up to date too well. But in terms of helping out with newbies, writing articles, fixing urls, modding forums and etc. I'm 100% a-ok with. And whatever I don't know, I'm, always willing to learn. Considering I've relied on PGD so many times before, I thought it only right I help out when you guys need people to look after a community which I rely on so much.
  19. WILL's Avatar
    We welcome all kinds of 'new blood' with open arms! What sorts of tasks are you interested in helping with?

    Besides the forums news posting has always been a high priority. I can't find it all myself. So I guess if you wanted to find some news and make posts that'd be a big help. If you start to frequent known developer blogs and sites and especially the big compiler sites (Embarcadero, Free Pascal, Lazarus, etc) you can catch new things happening as they come up. I also like to check all the gaming API and graphics wrapper sites too. Anything relating to SDL, DirectX or OpenGL, OpenAL and so on... and don't forget the game libraries and engines too. Those are easy to look for. The hardest is new pascal developers and their releases, somehow they like to hide.
  20. code_glitch's Avatar
    I might be of use to PGD as I am getting increased amounts of time for programming... If you need part time help (although I havent posted much and have only been around for a year or so) I'd be glad to help out.
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