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    I totally agree - TK 422 is there are a problem? Sorry, just another BSOD. Hey, wait a minute - your on linux! After him!
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    It was then that the evil sith brought Code Glitch an official "storm trooper" uniform in the form of a white jacket.
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    Any toher replies/thoights? i cant believe only 1 person out of 272 has any ideas...
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    OMG - Thanks for that one brainer. I can't fathom how many WikiAs I have read and never made the connection. This one is definitely being checked out. Any thoughts on the title or tag line by any chance? Its late here and its friday, so my brain is in post-work trauma. Its like a BSOD only worse

    Oh, and also, they ask for a category. But they dont have computers/programming/documentation. SHould I settle for technology or Other?
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    Hm, maybe this one?
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    Almost got all that sorted... Thanks for a reply at least - will update the original post as needed saves space.
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    Do you have screenshots or a product page link to show everyone?
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    Hm, I tried to run my own webserver and I can't complain about using Windows for that job - the server ran Windows XP and everything worked nice till some darn guy attacked my router with a DDOS and I quit the idea. Instead, the computer serves data all around my home network and I'm very happy about that.

    I have a dual boot too with Linux Mint - can't complain either. I bet that setting up a websrv on it would be easy as pie, but I couldn't have been bothered with that yet. Maybe one day.
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    All fixed the image sizes... Just edit the files in dropbox, uploaded and done... Now this is what I cal an easier approach than file/image hosting. XD
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    Hmm.... Looks like im going to have to GIMP them down a bit. Or so the expression goes. I found CairoDock (GLX) to be the best dock for visuals and add-ons but in terms of everyday use (resources, speed, simplicity and etc) docky wins hands down. I admit it, a real mac is better but some people just dont have the money... But did you spot the give-away Its all done in gnome (top left hand corner footprint) sorry KDE users, thanks to compiz-fusion gnome can look good too, in half the resources. KDE is great, but a little too resource hungry for my needs.
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    Images are huge! Any way to reduce them to a reasonable size?

    I have to admit though the theme is quite impressive. Then again, I have the same theme for my system. (psst, it's a real Mac )

    Neat Fire Fox icon.
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    Oh Linux isn't impervious to crashing let me tell you. There are installations of Linux that can make a grown admin cry. But at least you don't have to pay for the pain of using it, AND if you are a dedicated hardcore code monkey you can fix it yourself. Mind you it seems that the Ubuntu project has finally changed much of that. I've installed and worked with it before and I was extremely impressed with it. I haven't seen it since 10.8 I believe, but it might be neat to see what it looks like now. Post a screenie if you can.
  13. code_glitch's Avatar
    Oh yes, I count them so that I can safely say:
    Macs don't crash. Why don't I need one? My system doesn't crash... Too often.
    I've avoided mac/apple like the plague over time... But life is often ironic, and you' really laugh at what I did to gnome on my shiny new OpenSUSE which I installed yesterday... Oh it looked absolutely fantastic. For around 35 seconds and now it KAPUT. So I went back to what I'm more familiar with: A good 'ol Ubuntu setup. Mind you this one is a 10.10 Maverick so its still quite warm out of the burner and its one heck of a makeover from Intrepid and even Jaunty. Up unit 2-3 days ago I was using Intrepid to save my data, and Karmic to sift through it all. The new face of Ubuntu may just have made me make that final step away from M$. Hello linux crowd, byebye crashes.

    cheers for the response though, it's rather lonely looking at a terminal $ DOS prompt copying hundreds of gigs of files.

    PS: Ubuntu's gnome is around 100x more stable than the gnome on OpenSUSE. This one's made it 8hours+ no errors... Wonder why? And Zipper (Zippy?) as a package manager is not cool, APT is sooo much nicer. Hopefuly back up in a few days again and contributing some more with more lines into Prometheus but until I find which file its in I'm screwed. (The backup renamed everything in Users\ into ~0001.dat ~0002.dat and etc... I'm sorting through them with a quick batch script. Everything that looks like exe go byebye and everything that starts with 'unit' or 'program' gets put aside.
  14. WILL's Avatar
    You count your crashes? lmao

    I'm glad your data is safe though. Hate losing things like that, myself.
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    Yes, sorry I didnt read this sooner, but google code WAS a headache... Sourcforge with SVN and etc = a bit of a pain but 1,000,000 times better. Will scratch the links.
  16. WILL's Avatar
    The project has been moved from Google Code to SourceForge. I guess he found it to be too much of a headache.
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    I'm receiving 403 error with :/
    Can you check the url?
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    I totally agree there nitro. But, a beginner might not like the whole New(sdl_colour) and all associated hassle. The idea behind this is to have a NewColour(name, R,G,B,Y,A), a getcolour(name) and a deletecolour(name) that handle everything a beginner might not want to do.
  19. Nitrogen's Avatar
    I'm not a big fan of the "pass by reference" style procedures that change the value of one of the arguments, as it's not as clear as a direct assignment.

    I'm guessing that loadFont(fontname, source) will take an empty fontname object/record/class and fill it with the loaded info?

    I'd prefer something like fontname := loadFont(source); as it seems easier to read to me.

    In my Font Studio font loading class I did it in the OOP style:

    font := TFont.create(source);
  20. WILL's Avatar
    Well how does this work in a memory management way?

    I think the code of the second might be easier to understand, but I might be thinking from an experienced programmer's point of view.

    Though here is a question I have about using the font name, would you not then have to make a totally new variable to store the name of the font for each instance where you'd use it? Why not just make it it's own type you have to declare anyhow? Then their variable names would essentially be their font names in code..?
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