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  1. Reaching the theoretical 'max' speed in opengl

    As we all know, if we could hit the max speeds of our hardware, we would be pretty happy, but we never do (zengl gets pretty darn close though)...

    Finishing particle effects let me realize this, big time. Its pretty much the same performance hit I saw when I had tiled maps and others... It got me thinking though: what if you didn't render everything everytime but say you did

    My next (current) POC idea is simple: render a commonly used frame and reuse it. Basically, ...
  2. Luduum Dare build up...

    Just over 1 day and 6 hours until Luduum dare to go and I'm already twitching... If I'm honest, Luduum isn't so much a race as it is how efficiently you can develop in your favorite API. To that aim, I thought I might take the POC code mentioned earlier and tweak it for Luna since I'm too busy actually getting prometheus to compile with recent changes...

    Features I've worked on and how much of it is likely to be 'finalized'
    -Particle Effects 60% done
    -Drawing optimization ...
  3. Premature Optimization: It could be worse...

    I often find that many people will say exactly the first part of the title and claim that premature optimization is the root of all evil... I beg to differ. The true root of all evil is simply boredom. Ever felt bored, thought 'hey thats sort of unnecessary and totally crazy?' - I did. For two weeks.

    I came up with:

    • Completely weird idea for tile based particle effects (I mean WTF?)
    • Added multi threading to that POC (Proof of concept) code. So I made POCPOC code...
    • Then
  4. Ongoing projects - a quick rundown

    So anyways, with everyone making threads for their active projects, I figured I might be special and make a quick note of them here instead since not all of these are 'projects' that will be active/developed.

    Prometheus - The main attraction, making a lot of headway. Not as fast as Zengl, but getting better (beats sdl any day if thats any comparison), just added the first drafts of code to load TileD TMX files, improving performance and loading tile/layer properties is next up. Rotations, ...
  5. A trip down engine lane

    Here's one for you, all those projects lying around on your HDD (we have a group for those btw ). Ever taken a quick peek back at how things used to be done? In my recent Natty upgrade (I want to go baaaack, its under a month before release but jeesy-creesie i want to die nothing works) I had to back everything up and my cp -r -v came up with those seeet old names... So I checked them out and I remembered all of the 'state of the art' GPME (General Purpose Map Engine), GPAI (General ...
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