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    Is it just me or are you German people jacking all the good events..................... Its a conspiracy I tell youuuuu. Nah jus kiddin. I might get to go to berlin next year - lets hope there is some decent event on
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    - Mac cross-compiler, no Mac IDE or linux cross-compiler though
    Yeah, I'm little bit dissapointed... Seems I will wait Delphi XE3 before I will try to use it for compile anything for Mac.
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    Awesome! Thanks for blogging this.

    (Were there any pictures taken that you can post?)

    I think the 64-bit is important for people making 3D games. They seem to have the most to gain from such a boost in added hardware capability. Also those wanting to take advantage of newer systems with multi-core processors might also benefit. I'm not sure what the status of Delphi for multi-core is now. Is this OS dependent or is it still application dependent?

    I'm a bit disappointed that the Mac won't be getting a native product. I does give me some validation for my copy of Parallels I upgraded just this year so there is that... I hope that they are pushing for a native compiler suite next as it makes sense to create one eventually. Though, if this is a solution that will work, I'll probably get it because I've always found Delphi just easier to use. (Except for 8, 2005, 2006 and the installation for Turbo Delphi)

    I think the VCL+ might be the answer to some of the questions to the discussion going on about it in the news section.

    I went to a BorCon, or whatever it was called back then, when I was living in Toronto (Canada) it wasn't too bad. However this was around the time when Borland was confusing it's customers with the Inprise name and promising us Delphi for Linux with the first version of Kylix. Yeah it was all database stuff there too. Except for when they were showing off Kylix. They were using RedHat (now Feldora) to showcase it. The problem is there isn't enough Mason Wheelers out there willing to push games and graphics I think. Maybe you should volunteer to present at one of these? Mention PGD and all the various options for game dev libraries...?
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    If you start playing the video you can then click on the CC button in the menu on the embeded version. Just tried it out myself.
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    I guess my slight bavarian accent would also make it harder to understand.
    Hm, it seems the english subtitles won't show up if I embed the video here on this site. If you want english subtitles or change the quality settings to 720p you can only watch the video directly in Youtube: and then click CC in the bottom bar directly besides where you can choose the quality of the video

    EDIT: Subtitles are showing up for me; for anyone who needs subtitles and won't show up for them, please watch the video directly on Youtube (link above).
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    Just to note, sub-captions aren't on by default you have to turn them on in the player before you'll see them. A small tip that may save you from having a "where'd they go?!" moment.

    Nice presentation. You should do some more of these.
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    Nice, shame my two years of GCSE german, dont really cut it. Lucky I can understand a fair amount of dutch, but I admit it really isnt the same. Darn it....... Other than that, (for the bits I can understand) I might make that move to lazarus, once I find the user manual. Oh, dont get me wrong, I wont READ it but still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler
    Were there many teams?
    There were about seven teams (if I counted correctly) who submitted something. The best three entries won a prize (sponsored games and candy).

    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler
    And why processing.js?
    I'm always interested in new technology and making web games with a nice syntax and without having to install any plugins sounds very appealing to me.
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    NIce! It sounds a bit like a game jam. Were there many teams?
    And why processing.js?
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    Very cool! Is there anywhere we can access this game?