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  1. 4.0.7 Site Software Update

    I have just completed a minor software update that fixed a few small bugs. Most notably the file attachment for CMS Articles causing a MySQL error while trying to save. This is now fixed and you can attach files without worrying about losing your work while saving.

    There were over 50 minor fixes that you can read about here:
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  2. Devmania and a Pascal game

    So, me and some teammates of mine from Incognita Studios were at the Devmania in Mainz, Germany this week-end.
    What is Devmania you might ask? It is a get-together for german independent game developers which lasted about 24 hours beginning Saturday 2 pm local time. Besides having project presentations and talks they organisators were also hosting an overnight contest in which an entry had to incorporate the theme moonlight. We had about 18 hours to complete a game. We started with Processing.js, ...
  3. I Think We Made a Friend

    I was looking around the vast internet looking for a new and exciting news piece to put up on the front page when I stumbled across this guy's blog. "Delphi Hater's Blog" Well wouldn't you know it, I just HAD to read it.

    It's just under a year old, but considering that he paints us in a bad light and we haven't really had much of a chance to tell our side of things, I think it's still only fair that we bring it up. Do keep in mind that this person is obviously very opinionated ...
  4. PGD Staff Positions Are Open & We're Hiring

    Yup that's right folks, you too can help our beloved PGD community site continue to sparkle as it has this past couple of weeks. We're starting out on a new foot and a part of that is getting our house in order. That not only means our website software, but our staff too. For too long only a select few people have been trying to run things for the vast majority of all those Pascal developers out there (that you member!) who love coming here and seeing new and exciting things happening. Though we ...
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  5. Prometheus gets anti-aliasing, improved initialization, scaling and rotations...

    Just got some more work in the prometheus interface. Added basic support for Scaling surfaces, rotating them and selectable levels of anti-aliasing/quality. Finished a sample program of the new prometheus interface and here it is: (most of it is comments though)

    program PromVTest;
    	Image: pSdl_Surface;
    	//init stuff
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