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  1. Mega Man Creator Leaves Capcom

    Ok, this isn't PGD news or even close to community news, but I loved Megaman while growing up so this is big news to me. Like it or not, Keiji Inafune, the man who created Mega Man has resigned from Capcom siting that he has done all he can at his current position within the company.

    It seams that he is a little fustrated with the Japanese game industry in that he feels it's about 5 years behind. He's even stated that it is "finished" at last year's Tokyo Game Show. He now ...
  2. Podcasts and Facebook

    Hey all!

    I've been taking a little trip around the internet lately looking for new and cool ways to promote PGD and get some more resources for our devote developers. One of the things I remember that the original PGD had was podcasts from the GDC Radio when it was quite active and free. I just bought myself a new iPod Shuffle, so I was also interested in getting back to some podcasts to listen to on my own time. I found a couple that I found quite interesting and figured why not put ...
  3. Rapid Game Prototyping with Lazarus

    Last week-end I was in Ulm at a meet-up for Lazarus and FreePascal developers at which I held a talk about game development and rapid game prototyping.

    The talk is in german, but I added english subtitles.

    If you set the video quality to 720p and fullscreen, you can even see the code (most of the time). Its length was originally 35 minutes, but I had to cut it down to 15 minutes.

    I hope you can still enjoy the video, ...
  4. Ubuntu 10.10 - WOOOOWEEEEE

    I have to say my setup is (was):

    -Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (Not working any more due to a 0xc0000225)
    -OpenSUSE (Sort of works. For around 10 seconds before it crashes)
    -Backtrack 4.0 R1 (Well, you cant really work on that 24/7...)
    -Ubuntu 10.10 (Surprise: This works! (No not really))

    And my first impressions are very positive. My last experience was with Ubuntu 10.04TLS (an early beta) which I was forced to upgrade to due to some rough handling ...
  5. A quick absence note

    Sorry for not being AFK for the past few days and not being a part of the community. I just suffered a system wide crash (both computers) for some really weird reasons (beyond BSOD) and had to resort to backing up 750GB worth of data off an old Ubuntu 8.1 live cd and a Mandriva 09 live cd then sifting through it all.

    The rather funny side of it is after analysing the crash 'dump' as MS call it the result is that nothing happened and that the system was still working... Oh well, once ...
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