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  1. Subject 33: Return of the Robots

    Hey folks!

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ID:	296 Well I've been doing a bit of traveling lately and it's actually given me some time to crack open a few of my old projects again. Subject 33 was one of those projects that I got really attached to and wished that I had actually finished in some form. I started writing it back when I was just learning to use DelphiX back in 2001.

    It was originally a clone of an old Intellivision console game I used to play when I was a kid. It ...
  2. iPad 2... Wow!

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ID:	295 Just had a look at the latest keynote speech from Apple where they showed off a few presentations about whats coming in 2011 for iPad existing and future users. The biggest one of course was the iPad 2, which leaves the first model in it's dust. Completely remodeled so it sits flatter, lighter and is thinner. Now includes a forward facing and rearward facing camera, which was expected by most. Then there is the A5 chip which is 2 times faster than the first iPad's processor ...
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  3. Meego development. In prometheus...

    So recently I installed meego on my tablet. Fun. Then I found out it literally does nothing but open source, so no codecs. At all. Note to users who want to use meego but also want to have mp3 and video support look here: for your packages, this is the fastest way (compared to a 50min compile time for all dependencies)... Anyway, lets cut to the chase.

    Finally got back to prometheus development, and I found Andru's getting busy ...
  4. Tutorial Writing - Star Wars Style

    So you guys remember when he says somthing like 'pass on what you have learned'? Well the sotry happens in a land not so far away (UK) that used to have an empire (not any more)...

    It all began when WILL asks for new turorials - too glad to oblige the Code Glitch sets out on his trek of the light side of the force to pass on his knowledge of a game of oldden times of how to make a game of pong. So it gets kicked off - but there is one thing yoda had not foreseen: the dark side ...
  5. Embarcadero in Action LIVE! in Munich

    Yesterday I was at Embarcadero in Action LIVE! in Munich. Well, not exactly in Munich, but near Munich, but that's an another story
    I was never at one of Embarcadero events, so this was a whole new experience for me. As I expected I was the youngest one there and probably the only one interested in multimedia and game development. About half of the event was spent on promoting database products.
    They showed some of the new features of Delphi XE and C++ Builder XE such as Subversion ...
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