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  1. Ah - This is a tough one

    Have you ever heard that song that goes a bit like 'Its my liiiife - its now or never.....'? It's a bit funny since my life is rather like an express train - it runs 23 hours a day, sleeps for 30 minutes and waits for stuff for the other 30 minutes. And yes, I know all you people have busy lives too with work/uni and etc.... But I'll tell you what: 1 week. In that 1 Week I will cover over 1,600 km, go across the channel, traverse france, and back then head up to cambridge and back. I will type ...
  2. Erm.. Long time no post?

    Anyway, the title's misleading (sort of). Now it is true I haven't posted up here in 6.3million years and evolution has moved on... But So far my Ubuntu (Maverrick) is still firing away (touch wood ).

    Anyway, more importantly have you ever had the "Is that really necessary?" question? And yes, I have my own server although up until now I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have that file on this computer - not on one of the others?". Well, dropbox is nice - but ...
  3. PGD Mobile?

    Now-a-days it seems like everyone is making their own mobile device App for their business or collection of services. Well what would you guys say to PGD getting it's own App for iPhone and Android phones? vBulletin has created their own App which is currently available at the iTunes App Store for free and it will soon be creating a kit where it's customers --this means us at PGD-- can have their own App created and offered FREE online for people with either of the two devices. It would be able ...
  4. What About...

    You know I've been thinking a lot about software development and computers in general lately since I bought my first Mac just this last year. A whole bunch of ideas and questions have been coming to mind, especially since Embarcadero's big announcement that Delphi would be brought to the Mac a year or so ago.

    Ideas from Apple

    For example some time after getting my Mac and using it, I thought..."Why on Earth did I really hate these things and rag on users for ...
  5. Some news - Outside News

    Just poking around with google the other day and remembered I cam across this link:

    And although I'm sure many have found it before me and etc (and I don't do delphi myself) I found it has some quite very useful resources and snippets on there if any of the delphi crowd are interested. This should go in the news section, although its not exactly new news, the site seems to be updated very regularly and has a very broad set of tools and ...
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