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  1. My Chat with David I.

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ID:	130Last weekend, I had a chat with Delphi advocate and Embarcadero front man, David I. It was a good talk and we discussed some interesting things, such as the state of Delphi, the indie development crowd and what sorts of things he's been thinking of for the smaller developers among us to make Delphi more accessible. I'm gald we had this chat too, because he is a really nice guy and he really does care about young developers and those just trying to get their toes in the ...
  2. Elysion library

    With all these new game libraries and engines popping up, I finally feel confident enough to promote my own game library with a little more effort. So here we go:
    I will open a proper thread in a little while, right now I'm still finishing up a few things for its 3rd official release which will be some day this month. (The first two releases were back in 2005 and 2006 where it was called ElysionSDL. ...
  3. Ubuntu 10.10, Compiz and Emerald Themer. Wonderful.

    EDIT: Hmm. how do you fix extra large screenshot images These are a tad extreme for the site as they're in my native screen res...

    Just had a poke around the software centre and synaptic the other day... I must say, an ATI radeon HD4300 and 200 odd megs of drivers later and compiz was happy. I must say its one very pretty show, but since I prefer a usable environment, I haven't turned everything on... But I think the results speak for themselves. Well, enough of me just look and ...
  4. Mega Man Creator Leaves Capcom

    Ok, this isn't PGD news or even close to community news, but I loved Megaman while growing up so this is big news to me. Like it or not, Keiji Inafune, the man who created Mega Man has resigned from Capcom siting that he has done all he can at his current position within the company.

    It seams that he is a little fustrated with the Japanese game industry in that he feels it's about 5 years behind. He's even stated that it is "finished" at last year's Tokyo Game Show. He now ...
  5. Podcasts and Facebook

    Hey all!

    I've been taking a little trip around the internet lately looking for new and cool ways to promote PGD and get some more resources for our devote developers. One of the things I remember that the original PGD had was podcasts from the GDC Radio when it was quite active and free. I just bought myself a new iPod Shuffle, so I was also interested in getting back to some podcasts to listen to on my own time. I found a couple that I found quite interesting and figured why not put ...
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