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  1. Helios - and low level pascal

    Well, looks like time is going to be on my side for the next few weeks so I figured I'd just drop a line in to PGD for the summary of whats been going on these past weeks (months!?)...

    Internet in the UK - Plastic box routers that look like they should contain pop tarts (bar the cat poopin magic rainbows) seem to perform as such and as a result the faithful old Livebox 1.1 has had to be barred from the house after 5 of them failed in weeks of each other - Orange and BT blamed our cables ...
  2. Prometheus - The 2nd Generation: Almost there

    After a tedious 1 year of SDL and other performance, stability and compatibility hassles its was time to rebuild.

    Prometheus now runs faster, smaller and more flexibly - and work is still being done in this area. Now theres an application logger that can be toggled at a flick of a bit, its pure OpenGl code that talks directly to X11/WinAPI and it has no DLLs/SOs. And to add another plus theres some extra niceness in the Utils unit that lets you lear out arrays with a single command, ...
  3. Computer Down

    Well it would seem that my plans to provide more news posts and start promoting PGD and Pascal Gamer before I left in November have collapsed.

    My slightly over one year iMac has gone wonky on me and I cannot seem together it to work again with reinstalls and diagnostic tools. Therefore there must be a hardware issue of which I'll have to send it in together it fixed. Sadly that will take more time than I an spare as it means a 3 hour drive to the next major city of where there is ...
  4. Articles vs Blogs - the ultimate question

    Now before the wise guy/gal says it, the answer to my dilemma is NOT 42 ... Ok, just jokes...

    In all seriouslynesses (I am familiar with grammar btw) my blog posts may hit 900 or so views - and thats fine with me but then there's that article section that has more discussion about 'Tripping the Class Fantastic' By AthenaOfDelphi (Great read, highly recommended - especially the one on multithreading) and TileD demonstrations among a quick tanks tutorial by WILL (Also a great read and ...
  5. Managing Chaos & the Next Big PGD Event

    Hey all you faithful PGD Members!

    I'm finally posting another entry in my PGD Blog to tell you all about some of the great stuff that's been going on behind the scenes and what you will soon get to experience in the next few months.

    Stayin' Alive & Kickin'

    Well some of you might have noticed a little outage of the site just last month. Thanks to the efforts of Dominique Louis (savage), Christina Warne (AthenaOfDelphi) and Benjamin Gregg-Smith ...
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