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  1. Designing In Secret: When To Reveail? Is it ready yet?

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ID:	1080Hello all!

    It's been a while since I've written a blog on PGD. I thought I would at least give it a try tonight.

    I just finished a session of hacking away at my latest project, Garland's Quest. This game has actually been in productions since 2006 and boy has it really come a long way. I just wonder how it would have turned out at this time if only I had been able to work on it full time. Nonetheless, it is starting to look really good and it's ...
  2. Meanwhile... In Southern England...

    Well I've been doing lots of code recently, but very little of it would appeal to PGD... All C/C++ and after 2 weeks of having to wake up, work and go to sleep to C's quirks, tantrums, and other such "specialities" my head feels like its about to explode...

    So, whats all the sinning for? Well, the project relies on code as much as it does completely insane people - an attempt to develop and build a tiltrotor UAV with VTOL capabilities. Along the lines of a V22 Osprey but with ...
  3. On the road with Blaise

    So, I am looking and looking and looking but I can not find any publications, blogs, forums, tutorials on how to build a planet. Every time I search I find all kinds of info projects to put a globe into a C++ application but nothing in Pascal.
    One of the demos for Final3D has what appears to be a sphere but of course the demo does not allow any direct manipulation of the sphere so I have no idea what it is capable of.
    Is there any body who has knowledge of a solution to ...
  4. Going multithreaded...

    Well, after having dabbled on this topic many times before - I decided I'd do AMD's latest chips a favour and make my code benefit from all that threaded goodness they can offer . So, I dove into the code archive and found some bits and bobs that had been gathering dust for a almost 2 years now... Turns out that since then a few bits were depreceated with FPC 2.6.0 . So I changed all the Execute() calls to Start() and hey presto, the old code had some life breathed back into it.


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  5. Back into development - why breaks aren't a good idea...

    Well, as promised, I'll be putting a few more things up after having come back into the development scene. I'm pretty much jumping ship with my LD entry - despite it showing good progress, something I wont go into the details of .

    I see lots has changed now I'm compiling more stuff (and a lot of older stuff to make some new stuff work ). Especially on the depreceated front. I've got these in audio, threads and just about everywhere else. Even in bits of code I didnt even knew existed ...
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