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  1. The new units for beginners

    As I last posted, I was considering making a set of units for newbie programmers based on sdl and possibly bassfpc. I can now say that I have just started some work on the units, and have decided to go with the following structure:

    Data - Access to variable types and etc...
    Video - Image loading, drawing, rotations and etc...
    Audio - Audio loading, playing, looping, stopping, pausing and etc...

    Is there anything missing from this? Probably. If you use ...
  2. New Units for Newbies?

    I'm considering making a set of units to manage images and audio along with rotations and a small script engine in pascal aimed at newbies so that they can get to grips with designing programs with SDL. For the audio I would plan to use the BassFPC library, although proprietary, it is free as long as you dont make a profit. Any ideas as to whether any of you would think this a good idea?

    The reason I came up with this is I just remembered how I started out, and what a mess it was, ...
  3. WAAT? I get a bloooog too?

    Ok, so now I get a blog too? You PGD guys planning on replacing everything and taking control of the world? Maybe I dont need facebook or wordpress anymore. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. Excitement returns to the PGD community!

    Hey folks!

    I just wanted to post some of the cool things that I'll be doing over the next couple of months as my plan to help promote and inject some honest to goodness fun into our beloved community here. PGD has a six year history --nine years if you count the Delphi Gamer years-- of showing you just how fun it is to make games with Pascal. It's had some pretty exciting events like the PGD Annual game developer's competitions, many people have made and published their own independent ...
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