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  1. Recent development

    Now, the Ludum Dare has my thanks for this next bit in helping me realize once again how fun and addicting coding can be at its best - just the sheer spirit behind Ludumdare lead me to overhaul a lot of ideas and reconsider some concepts that I'd once deemed useless or unfeasible.

    And to start that new philosophy off there are a few new little announcements to be made:
    -I'm permanently scrapping the fixed array for dynamic arrays... With a new load of GetMem SetLength and etc ...
  2. Chat, the Annual & Tweaking the PGD Site

    Hello everyone!

    AJAX Chat

    It's been some time, but I've finally gotten around to writing a new blog about what's going on in the community. First off, we are discussing options for an AJAX-based Chat system for the site which will allow us to integrate with vBulletin's existing database of site members. This will allow Pascal programmers and game programmers that use Pascal or Object Pascal to have a place that they can hang out and chat with other like-minded programmers ...
  3. PGD Mini Compo - Day 1 progress

    So, the PGD mini compos number 1 (or shall we say 0 in programmer talk ?) finally got underway...

    As a rule of thumb, I'll most likely be posting quite often on progress and etc related to my game entry - since its a habbit I got into during the LD20 and now can't get rid of it... Whipped out exactly the same custom prometheus revision as the Ludum Dare challenge bar a few tweaks in constants, images, config handling and other minor mods.

    Approximately 2 hours of ...
  4. PGD Mini Compo - Are you ready?

    As luck would have it, its still exam week (or more appropriately exam month ) and as with all things in life, it all has to happen at the same time...

    Oh well. Things look better than Ludum Dare #20 on my end in the run up for the PGD Mini Compo (we need a cool acronym for this one, hit me up on the comments with any ideas ). Translation: Things are better than 'I think it works... Well enough'. Its a phenomenon highlighted by my first Ludum Dare entry. Things might work very well ...

    Updated 15-06-2011 at 03:15 AM by WILL (Added question mark. ;))

  5. Multithreading - A world of hurt

    So you'd think multithreading is hard, until you get the baseline multithreaded console application, and then its easy. Untill you delve deeper into actually integrating it into some useful code and the it isn't...

    Multithreading: dum all the engine's stuff into its thread and let that do constant housekeeping while you write your game code - perfect. Or not really: turns out that my initial fear of two threads accessing the same memory address at the same time is invalid, or rather ...
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