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  • Kambi VRML game engine 2.2.0 released

    A new version of my Kambi VRML game engine is released. It's a cross-platform, open-source, 3D engine for FPC/Lazarus, using VRML/X3D (can be exported from any 3D modeler) as it's main scene format.

    Together with new engine version, we also released a new view3dscene 3.7.0. view3dscene is our "Swiss army knife", a browser/viewer for 3D files using our engine underneath.

    For developers, the main page with engine sources and documentation is located at vrmlengine.sourceforge.net.

    New features in this release:

    • Screen effects allow you to use and easily create screen-space effects, like a nice flashlight, edge detection, color processing and such. view3dscene has a couple of effects built-in (see the View -> Screen Effects menu), and you can define new effects in VRML/X3D files or you can define new effects in Object Pascal. In all cases, basic GLSL knowledge is all you need to create new effects.
    • New VRML/X3D features are implemented, including drag sensors (you can make 3D sliders and generally allow user to edit 3D world), Billboard support (for sprites) and more.
    • Many fixes and improvements to existing VRML/X3D features, in particular animating transformation is much more optimized.
    • Many camera improvements, including better "Examine" camera mode support, smooth animations of camera between viewpoints and more.
    • Many improvements to our 2D GUI (simple buttons, panels rendered in OpenGL), we can make nice buttons with images and tool tips and so on.
    • A lot of the documentation for developers was improved.
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