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  • Mac Cross-Platform Challenges

    Many Pascal developers are getting more and more excited to create games and other apps on the Mac. The platform is gaining popularity as Apple starts setting new trends. However as this is happening, Windows is still the dominant computer platform of which Delphi is squarely seated currently. Free Pascal now finally supports it, however the leading IDE companion for the compiler, Lazarus has much work to do to become Mac-Ready.

    Thankfully, Phil Hess has written a series of articles titled 'Mac Cross-Platform Challenges', which so far has 8 parts published. These cover everything from form design and using Cocoa to working with Lazarus and developing web apps.

    Check out these great articles hosted at web.me.com!

    Source Credit: Project Lazarus Forums
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    1. deathshadow's Avatar
      deathshadow -
      Too bad it doesn't address the biggest problem I have -- getting SDL actually working.

      But given the total train wreck of nonsense x-code appears to be, I'm shocked there is even software for it. It's bad when you need an api download larger than the entire OS (six times the size if you omit CUPS) to even get started, followed by such convoluted command like garbage is makes makefiles seem simple.

      Seriously, does anyone out there have instructions that actually WORK!?!