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    Pascal was originally created as a programming language to be used for teaching. Sadly it's been slipping away from schools for years now, but it seems that it now has a chance to start catching on again. Pascal Programming for Schools is a web site project geared as a resource for teachers for their Computer Science classes to teach programming in Pascal.

    The site project is organized and ran by Dr. Norman Morrison and Dr. Douglas Morrison. Their aim is to promote programming in schools by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. They were inspired by their students to create this site so that others can see the amount of inventiveness and spirit that went into the content provided and that others will also wish to take up programming as well.

    They hope that others would be willing to contribute to the endeavour in the spirit of co-operation and welcome your submissions of Pascal programs written by students and other enthusiasts.

    You can go to this fantastic resource site at pp4s.co.uk.
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    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Looks good. My old school used to do Java and Delphi (Oh yes)... That was nice, but anyone here could beat them really. Their 4 year course objective was to write a program that showed a gif tortoise that could be moved by arrow keys and would rotate appropriately and leave a trail.

      If only my I could submit that for all my exams
    1. farcodev's Avatar
      farcodev -
      Is it me or Delphi take back some places over c++ ?

      Good news btw
    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Oh yes, delphi is regaining. After all - how many developments are unique to pascal and delphi lately? Lots of new breakthrough stuff and a much more open community is making its comeback. As for C++ its a lot like how it was 10 years ago - just some lib upgrades. Pascal and delphi have a bright future ahead as I see it.