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  • Learn About SDL_GFX

    It's been a good start into 2011 so far, a brand new chapter about SDL_GFX has been released today on Freepascal meets SDL.

    It may sound surprising but native SDL doesn't support rotation and zooming of images in a nice way. Also drawing of primitives (e.g. circles, lines, squares, polygons) isn't supported in a simple way. This gap is closed by Andreas Schiffler's library SDL_GFX which is capable of doing these things properly and more.

    The new chapter describes how to compile your own SDL_gfx.dll with the free MinGW C compiler, how to rotate and zoom images, how to draw primitives (including B?ęzier curves) and how to setup and use the SDL_GFX framerate manager.

    Go read the new chapter at www.freepascal-meets-sdl.net.