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  • Asphyre Sphinx v1.1.0

    A new version of Asphyre Sphinx has been released few days ago.

    The new release of Asphyre Sphinx v1.1.0 includes full support for Delphi XE and contains bug-fixes and additions for the previous release. In addition, two experimental providers were released - OpenGL ES and Software Rasterizer. This release, of course, can also be used with FPC/Lazarus.

    In addition, Afterwarp site has been moved to a new location:

    The direct download link for Asphyre Sphinx v1.1.0 is here (please visit the site for more download options).
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Asphyre Sphinx v1.1.0 started by Lifepower View original post
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    1. code_glitch's Avatar
      code_glitch -
      Wow, another release of sweet stuff? the pascal and delphi scene sure is packingbthem in recently
    1. farcodev's Avatar
      farcodev -
      i though it was purely abandonned, it's a kinda of surprise o.O
    1. LP's Avatar
      LP -
      Quote Originally Posted by farcodev View Post
      i though it was purely abandonned, it's a kinda of surprise o.O
      The new Asphyre Sphinx was first released a year ago and since the release it was considered stable. It was never abandoned and probably never will (at least in the next few years).

      The only thing that lagged was the support for latest Delphi versions such as D2009, 2010 and XE. The latest release supports Delphi XE (and should work on 2009-2010 versions as well). Latest FPC/Lazarus is also supported.

      Specifically in our own projects where we use Asphyre every day we still use it in Turbo Delphi because Unicode-forced versions of Delphi (2009 and up) impose significant performance hit when working with "normal" strings in real-time applications because of Ansi->Unicode->Ansi conversion.