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  • Kambi VRML game engine 2.3.0 released

    I'm proud to announce a new version of Kambi VRML game engine 2.3.0. It's a cross-platform open-source 3D engine for Free Pascal and Lazarus, using VRML/X3D (can be exported from any 3D modeler, more info here) as it's main scene format.

    Together with new engine version, we also release new view3dscene 3.8.0 view3dscene is our "Swiss army knife", a browser/viewer for 3D files using our engine underneath.

    For developers, the main page with engine sources and documentation can be found here.

    New features in 2.3.0:

    • Very comfortable Sound Engine, based on OpenAL, integrated with VRML/X3D. Sound can be loaded and played from the Object Pascal code (see here for news item for example and links to reference), it can also be controlled completely from VRML/X3D files (see here for documentation and links to examples). So level designers can use 3D sound without requiring a single line of Object Pascal code.
    • Animating skinned humanoids, following H-Anim standard, is implemented. Links to demos and documentation are found here.
    • For this release, engine reference documentation found here (generated by PasDoc) was much improved. Also a lot of cleanups in the engine source code.

    Check out the Kambi VRML game engine at vrmlengine.sourceforge.net!

    Latest Kambi VRML Game Engine Demo